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the one and only all in one Oculus Quest 2

VR Headset for Rent

First time in Egypt VR Rental, Playstation Pro and Playstation VR headset including Controllers and Games.

Beat Saber

Feel the beat surrounding you


VR Rentals, VR Videos and AR/VR Applications


Our first location is officialy Opened

About us

VR Home is Speciallized in all VR in Egypt

VR Home Egypt Story

We are here at VR Home in Egypt since the VR headset came out.

We started with a small Kiosk at the 6th of October Club and it was working fine till the Corona Virus hit we had to close.

But we didnt shut it down we started Renting VR Headset for consumer as people were very Bored at home with no place to go VR gave them what they need to break the chain of boredom.

VR is very entertaining, make you forget where you are and make you full emmersive in what you are doing.

What you can do in VR?

There is three things you can do in VR:

  1. Playing Games: action games, horror games, thriller games, racing games ,active games and much more.
  2. Experience label: these are not games and doesnt need controlers you just put the headset and enjoy the sienery.
  3. if you have good internet you can enjoy a VR youtube with a lot of videos that you can choose of. 

With just a phone call you can rent your self  a playstation pro filled with VR games, a PSVR Headset and 3 motion controllers and 1 PS4 controller.

Action Games, Horror Games, Thriller games and more..

What are you waiting for

Games Samples

  1. VR World
  2. VR Playground
  3. Resident Evil Beginning Hours
  4. Rush of Blood
  5. Battle Zone
  6. Fruit Ninja
  7. Drive club
  8. Kitchen
  9. Batman
  10. Spiderman
  11. Call of Duty infinite warfare
  12. Virry
  13. Super Hot
  14. Beat Saber
  15. Iron Man
  16. Spider Man